In-dash casette vs. single CD player?

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Ahoy !
Re: 2002 S-type, with premium sound & in-dash cassette player & in-trunk CD changer.

I would be very happy with the single CD player in the dash in stead of the cassette player. And, I do not need a multi-CD changer in the trunk nor anywhere in the car.
Has anyone removed the in-dash cassette player, installed an in-dash CD player and dropped/removed the in-trunk CD changer ? Is the task as direct as pull apart/disconnecting and pulling out the cassette player then, to put in and plug together/connect the CD player ? And, then to go into the trunk to disconnect and remove the CD changer ?
R. Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro

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My car is an X-type, but I am pretty sure the application is the same. I had the same set up as you in a couple of my cars (a 2003, and a 2002 X-type). I bought the single, in-dash CD player, and simply switched out the in-dash units. It was just plug and play. The steering wheel audio controls work the same as on the old units. You may need to disconnect the unit in the boot, but I am not sure, as it was a couple years ago that I did the switch.

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Since the car has “Premium Sound” must I search for a CD player that is also “Premium Sound” or, is “Premium” not relevant to whether CD or Cassette players ? I am thinking not relevant but, asking for certainty.

The S-type is new to me - maybe two months ? - so, much to learn.

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Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U.S.A.