Inability to Access

The past couple of days I have been trying to access the old site but have been blocked with this message:

This seems to be due to an expired cerificate.

I did try rebooting my phone and I tried using a different browser to no avail (which makes perfect sense if the issue is an expired certificate).

LOL, and OMG!

In the early days of criminal surveillance, often the suspect would get this type of message while we were tapping his line.
How embarrassing!
LLo… ummmm, Joe

I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs.
But I trust dogs who don’t like people.

I just tried going there and got this:

Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead

Firefox detected a potential security threat and did not continue to If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.

What can you do about it?

The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the website’s administrator about the problem.

You should be able to click “advanced” and there should be a link to “proceed anyway”.

Ooops, that’s because of an expired certificate, yes. I’ll look into it as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Which was just now. Fixed!


Thanks Gunnar, a brief moment of panic there as I thought the ability to access the treasure trove of knowledge that is might be gone for good. For those of us with the now-classic cars that would be a major loss! Thanks again to you and the rest of the J-l team for all that you do to keep this great resource going! :+1::+1: