Infiltrations and how to find them

guys today in Alghero Sardinia … it rained violently for maybe 10/12 hours … my cat was an aquarium! water in the driver’s side feet, in the right corner of the wet rear seat rear window, in the alluccio and halo on the roof carpet, from the front passenger window and wet seat, in the trunk and perhaps from the left rear light … a delirium !!

You’ve got a leaky car there by the sound of it!

I inhibited my last couple of leaks by buying and using a car cover. Granted, if your jag is a daily driver, this approach might not work for you.

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Exactly…I had it …but all times it’s all wet…and it’s so big

There are lots of posts in here on various water intrusion issues and solutions. I had a number of rain water leaks some of which I have fixed after consulting these posts. I still have a couple left one of which results in deep water on the passenger side floor, front and back, in a heavy rain.

The car cover works for me, but just as a point of interest, I took the car into a shop to get an estimate on a paint job a year ago. The body man felt wetness on the floor and pointed to a circular plug on the front metal floor. He advised me to knock it out so any water can run out, at least until I fixed the problem. I got the car cover after this and so haven’t taken his advice just yet, but may be something to consider.

If the car has a sun roof thats where I would start looking, check all four corner drains to ensure they are free flowing down into the wheel arches.
Another point of entry I had on my ‘92 was from the front corner just below the windscreen, water from this leak actually found its way into the rear foot well. Took a while before I realised where that one was coming from.

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It must be said that during the automatic washing with high pressure the water did not enter, in the feet, in the hood, in the door, on the roof, on the rear window … everything always seemed dry, but on that particular day the rain was tropical fall for at least 10/12 hours! so I asked myself: did not it enter, for example, the roof and the driver’s side feet only because the drains were unable to slide it away? It was a river …

Like Robin, I wonder if you have a sunroof. If so, I too would definitely start there as Robin suggests and has himself done. Even a partially blocked drain(s) might not allow water to drain fast enough in a torrential downpour. I had this situation with the drain line in the fuel filler box “boot”, as we might call it in the US.

yes I have a sunroof, two years ago I freed the drains and in fact I thought about that too … that’s why I asked if at least the roof and the driver’s side feet could depend on the enormous amount of rain that fell. Door, rear window and trunk are situations apart whose infiltrations I should be able to trace with the help of the body shop.

Hey Max,

Ok. Understand. It seems to me the amount of rain you described could highlight water infiltration that went unnoticed after a run through the automatic car wash just because of the huge volume of rain sustained over a long period of time. I base this conjecture on having lived in the US state of Florida for many years. My experience there leads me to say that unusually heavy tropical deluges cause many flooding issues that normal tropical deluges don’t. If your car had leaks but they weren’t bad enough for you to have noticed, a sustained heavy tropical-like deluge is just the thing to bring them to your attention.

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