Inherited for 4 1/2 jaguars looking for best advice on what to do with them

I just inherited 4 jaguars 1983, 84, 86 xj6 1984 vanden plas and a1984 xj6 shell only! Not in the best condition but I know they all did run before they sat for the last four five years

What should you do with them?

here are my suggestions in ascending order of grief and pain to yourself.

  1. Advertise them for free - they probably will be gone within the week.
  2. Try to find a wholesale buyer for the lot. You may get $200 to $300 each for them depending on ease of removal.
  3. Advertise them individually - it will most likely take a long time to sell them
  4. Part them out - Could take many years and lots of calls and no shows.
  5. Keep and restore as many as you can. Painful for your wallet and sanity.
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Photo’s would help a lot.

  • Advertise them for sale in “classifieds” on this forum is one thing to try, but you may need to make a few posts, or “like” some other posts before you have the “privelege” needed to do so (may also be needed to post photos)

  • see if there is a local Jaguar Facebook page in your locality

  • advertise them to local Jag club, online specialist sites, car sale sites etc etc

depending on condition, they may bring up to $10k for a really good one

more like 2-3k for a runner with no major faults

A canny Jaguar enthusiast may pay $1-2K for one that is ok

Rust is the killer, if they have no rust and only minor faults, they are worth something for sure

Tell us your location

Central Pennsylvania