Inlet joint, sealant or not?

What’s the wisdom on inlet/intake gasket sealants? My gasket set has a fibre gasket for the intake, but it’s so long since I fitted an intake that’s not on a V8 that I can’t remember if I would usually use a sealant or not. I suspect not, as it’s on the fuel side of things, but thought I’d ask before I get stuck in.
140 SE engine, SU H6s.

As a minimum around the water ports…a thin smear…i like blue hylomar…Steve

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Ah, water ports… thanks Steve

I always use spray on copper coat on them. If for nothing else, it helps removal down the road.

On the fibre ones? I had always thought copper spray was for metal gaskets.

Nope… It works on all manner of gaskets.

I have used Permatex High Tack Sealant for many years with great success. Works similarly to Coppercoat but it holds gaskets in place better if there aren’t any locator dowels or studs. I used Coppercoat primarily on single layer metal gaskets.