Instagram pics #jagloversofficial

(DINO) #1

Hello all.

We now have an Instagram account live


We are hoping to get at least a post a day.

Please send a pic and a short caption on this thread and it’ll make it’s way to Jagloversofficial instagram page

From concourse to daily driver to restoration to rusty clunkers to car shows to modified to Sunday drives I’m sure will all have some pictures to show.

Feel free to follow JAGLOVERSOFFICIAL

Let’s see who’s first!

(Andrew Waugh) #2

(David Divins 1970 S2 2+2) #3

2 of my 3 Jags. The E-Type is hard to shoot

(DINO) #4

Perfect thanks David. It’s on.

(Dana) #5

Just finished the shell off bolt level complete restoration a week ago August 1970 S2. Already three hundred miles on it out of the box.

(DINO) #6

perfect I’ll be a great collage

(DINO) #7

Here’s an example of how it looks for those of you who are not on instagram.

(Dana) #8

The project car had excellent bones to start. The entire end to end resto was done in 7 months, including blueprinting the engine on rebuild. No accidents, no rust anywhere so that even the underside and rockers have the original metal and spot welds throughout. California Cars are the ticket, and this one I took back to European specs to get the extra grunt to handle the new Dana 3.07 diff verses the too busy 3.54 on the highway. Simply a sweet smooooth ride from day one. Here’s a couple of the progress pics as it proceeded. Use whatever seems to fit your venue.

(DINO) #9

thanks. great pic of the installer

(DINO) #10

Need a pic for today’s post! I would hate to have to use my disco pic!

(DINO) #11

got it…

check out this Jag dually and tow load

jaguarlovesrofficial on instagram

(Paul Wigton) #12

Tweety, sittin’ on a corner, in Winslow, Arizona…2011 SOL.

(DINO) #13

What a great colour!

(David Divins 1970 S2 2+2) #14

Seen at Carlisle— really well done:

(Dana) #15

My Cinderella Jag before the transformation.

(paul spurlock) #16

Yipes, well done but someone has a lot of time on their hands.

(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #17

Looking good Paul! We’ve been by that corner at least ten times as the road from Winslow through Payson to Phoenix was our favorite part of our annual trip to visit my brother in law.

(Paul Wigton) #18

It was a complete lark!

My co-pilot didnt want to do it: “too cheesy!”

As it turned out, we both had a blast BECAUSE it was so cheesy!

In the passenger seat, is a British tourist, who told me it had been a lifelong dream to ride on an E Type…dream, accomplished!!

(David Divins 1970 S2 2+2) #19

I spoke to the owner and creator. Nice guy. The story is he is a truck guy and in the auto body industry. The donor car was his uncle’s. A tree had fallen on the rear half and he bought the car to part out. After finding a similar car in a local pick and pull and having just completed a VW truck conversion for a client, an idea was born.

The work really was first rate and he won a people’s choice award.

(DINO) #20

so it’s been 2 days and I still can’t get that song out of my mind…