Installation of XJ6 series 2 dash pad

Pulling out the dash pad was very easy. The same cannot be said of reinstalling the dash pad. It’s a nightmare, if anyone has some hint or video of how to install it, it would be very much appreciated.


I did this many years ago on my SII and, yes, conf’d - it is a weird job, most notably as you have to slide the crash roll forward and at the same time downward to catch the air vents, IIRC. Even if you have caught the air vents there is still one inch missing. Don’t get angry: when I bought my car there was a slit in the rearward facing part of the crash roll and the PO told me that he had redone the instruments and when refitting the crash roll he had hit it just with his palms - and that had been enough to break the vinyl …

Another thing: to alleviate things a bit I have omitted some of the front facing tabs that you have to push the crash roll onto.

If you encounter this problem, don’t do as I have done. Lack of these carriers leads to rattling whenever you hit a pothole or similar. Just take your time, maybe make ample use of liquid soap, don’t get mad, don’t get a bigger hammer;-)

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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