Installing Manual Steering Box

I read from a post some time ago where someone was installing one of these valves. Wonder if anyone had done so and has input.

I was thinking of trying this to hopefully have assist at low speed and little at speed.

This valve simply reduces the pressure and thus the assist all the time. It does not “know” how fast you are going.

I understand that. If I could dumb down the assist as I would expect. If I could get a good manual steering box, I would ditch the power steering.
As you know the manual boxes are nearly impossible to find.

I fear numb steering feel at speed never driving a mk2 ever.

You just get used to the overassist.
What you think you want is a valve that opens further at low speeds. Which feels very fake but at least mervedes have offered it for a while.

With rack and pinion (don’t know about the other) the assist is determined by the rod in the valve. Adjusting pump pressure helps but only to a degree and eventually could become dangerous once the requirement is higher than the supply so don’t overdo it.

Actually I may play with the valve in the pump to adjust my assist.

If would trade my two power steering setups for one good Manual steering box if the chance would come up.

Have a look at what Moss offers for EZ power steering kit Part # 34-5515/1 on page A33 of their newest catalog. This unit has varied assist based on several factors which you can read about in the description in their catalog and further details on a Google search.

I think I found a LHD Manual steering box. I hope to rebuild it and go that route.

Tim - I am looking to change my 61 MK2 from Manual to Power Steering. I have an extra LHD Manual steering box which does not need any rebuild. Still interested in a swap of your Power with my Manual?

Definitely interested. My power steering box is really clean. 48,000 mile car. Been off the road since 1985. It’s from Texas. I have new hoses and kits that goes with it. Also the reservoir and new filter. I only have one full set-up.

Tim, I am new to the forum. Is there a way we can figure out the details outside of this string?

I can send a Private message. If you click on a person’s profile you will see the option to send Private message. Thought I would share that info.

I used a 1996 dodge omni “rack+ pinion”( flaming river) with ----speedway motors–lincoln, nebraska they sell the 1 1/2" longer threads tie rod ends for this unit. it’s a manual steering set-up,too. Works great.