Installing SBC in a mk2

Hello all. I’m a high school automotive mechanics teacher & recently picked up a 1960 mk2. The car has no engine or transmission and very little of the interior. I have a 1977 Chevrolet 350/turbo 350 that we are planning to install. We are basically building a “hot rod”. I see it’s been done & wondering where we could get conversion information/parts. We have some under carriage pictures of the transmission mount that we could replicate however we have not seen how the engine is mounted. We found a front engine mount cradle available from speedway motors that might work but not sure. Also the oil sump/pan looks modified. If anyone has pictures of such a conversion or information on parts it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

PS also looking for a bonnet/hood latch thanks


i’d think you need to fab your own motor and trans mounts. or take some measurements and get a mustang II front set-up for it. then get driveshaft made to order.
the ramshorns or shorty headers may work.
those had pretty narrow engine compartments, no?

Yes I found these pictures on line . The transmission mount looks pretty straight forward to replicate. I see the motor mounts places on the sbc engine are bare so I think a front engine cradle (like early corvettes & bell Aires) is being used . I have the driveshafts for both the jag and chevy so they will be joined at some point .

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And I have a set of 2” ram horns off an old 283 csb. However I’ll probably get some 2 1/2.

John’s Cars has been doing MK2 GM conversions since the 80s. John WAS the conversion “king” when doing mostly XJ/XJS during that era. Here is his link to the MK2 conversion.

Note: He does NOT recommend using a V8 in the conversion on the MK2:

“We reviewed V8 motors for this conversion and do not recommended them due to the small engine compartment and limited radiator area.”

I have heard he is nearing retirement;therefore, you may want to contact him soon.

Richard G.

looks to shoehorn in there pretty nicely.
i can’t see the pics well enough to see the motor mount area.
in true hot rod fashion, you could maybe do a front and mid plate if you prefer to not make motor mounts

Thanks Richard. I did come across John’s recommendation as well and I think it’s a dated one … radiator technology has come a long ways in availability and efficiency.

Thanks Jay. Speedway motor sells a front cradle motor mount … 1950s Chevrolets used a similar mount . Sure I’ll have to fabricate the frame mounts … I’m just too late to the party on this one . Looks as if no one has done a mk2 V8 conversion for years !

google up Jaguar-Specialties. Andrew weinberg, proritor. Located circa San Jose, CA.

Very heplpful. made many installations.

good guy.

Helped me a lot although, i did not use his kit. I did buy other stuff from him, circa 2001!!!


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Thanks Cadjag

I reached out to him when I first started researching this project. Unfortunately, he did not have much input to offer.

To be clear he doesn’t do conversions on this model so he didn’t have much to offer. But he complemented me on the challenge !

I may be too late to help, but I used John’s Cars kit to install a 4.3 Vortec Chevy V6 w/ 4L60E from an S-10 in a MK2 years ago. Plenty of power, never overheated, very nice cruiser.

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So, how goes the project?