Instrument cluster lights

Is there any listing for X308 dash (instruments) lights, specifically for LED replacements?
It’s hard to get responses for this subject.
I’d appreciate any info on this, thanks!

Taken from

Clock Bulb
EiKO Clear 2721MF Incandescent Bulb(cheaper & readily available OEM replacement just reuse the blue cap/filter)

Door Switch Packs
Passenger 1 per door : DBC6244
Driver 2 of each : DBC6244 & LNA518CA

Instrument Cluster

Warning Light

Console Switch Bulb Blue

Console Switch Bulb Clear

Courtesy Lamp

Trunk Lamp

Puddle Lamp
XR811819 or DBC11381


Visor Bulb

Low Blue
Low Green

LED Option

LED Interior Lights : The number on the far left is for pairs, so 2 ea. means 4 lights, so its double that number.

2 ea. T10 W5W Dome Style (White) – Pair doors
5 ea. T10 W5W Inverted Style (White) – Pair rear and map and boot
2 ea. T10 6-Chip SMD Style (White) – Pair speedo
1 ea. 36mm 2-LED SMD (White) - Pair rear number plate
2 ea. 10mm/T4 Neo Wedge (Blue) – Pair heater screen dip and trip
2 ea. 8mm/T3 Neo Wedge (White) – Pair map and console
6 ea. 8mm/T3 Neo Wedge (Blue) – Pair console
1 ea. 8mm/T3 Neo Wedge (Green) – Pair console
2 ea. B8.7D Twist Lock 1-LED (White) – Pair speedo

3rd Brake Light : 5 T-10 White LED

Oh, great!
Thank you!!

Your info is much appreciated, Sr.

I wound up ordering the LED version for the replacement of the dash on my 2002 XJR based on the fact that it appears to be a popular mod.

But, I’ve also heard that the near absence of electrical current, typical of an LED bulb, may be interpreted by the lights module as an open lamp, thus, trigger a bulb failure error.

Would you have any info on this in regards to the X308?
Thanks for your info.

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On this subject, would you think that I may get a possible error message triggered by the significantly lower-than-normal current used by an LED vs. the stock filament bulb?

I don’t know that much about the 308 (only were to look for info lol) but changing the instrument lights to LED on my 300 didn’t cause a problem. Changing exterior bulbs WILL cause errors however.

Try going to and use these search terms. The site: part makes google only look in the relevant site you told it.

Good luck and happy reading

led Instrument cluster lights

Sadly jaglovers doesn’t seem to allow a google search, which is a shame.

Your information is much appreciated. The only doubt that remains is that Jaguar some time later (with the X308 perhaps?) started to use a better detection system for bulb failure which I don’t know much about.
Well, the LED’s were already ordered, so I’ll soon know whether I have to place a “current consumption” cheating resistor in parallel to fool the system, or not.

Best regards!


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The LED’s arrived and were installed. I don’t remember how many lights were out, but now I have a (whole set of) new problems…(why don’t things get fixed and then just live their normal “fixed” life and leave me alone…?)

Well, I replaced the 4 bulbs and one remains off -the far right light- which I removed again to test with my power supply and it tested nice with a bright blue shine. That is one problem. So, ready to trouble shoot the instrument cluster, fun…

Then, I see that one of the two center lights turns out to be for the message display and now the message display is all blue, letters and background and I don’t like it because the stock green letters look better. The lights are fine in blue, but not the message center. I think. I’ll still put an LED for the display, but no colors.

And, of course, the worst problem is the multiple failures displays that I’m getting, along with the temp gauge and the fuel gauge being inop. Did I create this problem during removal or installation of the cluster? Is it like Peter suggested, caused by a low battery? I’m charging it right now. We’ll see.