Instrument lights not working

(Frank P Diaz) #1

Hey guys, I recently had an issue with the radio on my 83 XJS, I replaced the radio but ever since my dash lights when out… they were working perfectly fine until then. I pulled the cover under the dash and all seems to be in the right order. Are there any dash light related cables behind the radio I am not aware of? This is my first XJS love it but the dark dash is kicking my OCD into high gear. Please help!!!

(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #2

I haven’t messed with my xjs’s radio wires yet, but on most every other car Ive worked on, the radio and instrument cluster lights are on the same circuit. I would have to look at where the fuse is located, but if its on the passenger side fuse block, then it would make sense for the dash lights not to work if the wire behind the radio was cut, or disconnected

(Frank P Diaz) #3

Thanks, the radio is working but the lights are not. I am going to pull the radio out again and look at all the connections behind it

(Kirbert - author of the Book, former owner of an '83 XJ-S H.E.) #4

Many of the dash lights are not lights, but rather fiber optic feeds from a single module in the console. If the bulb in that module is burnt out or otherwise not lighting for some reason, it takes out a bunch of lighting.

(Frank P Diaz) #5

Thank you. I will be spending my saturday on it. Hopefully I can get it resolve