Intake Manifold from unknown Jaguar


I wondering if this intake manifold would work on a 4.2L with SU HD8.


It will work on a sedan; it will NOT work on an E Type.

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It’s on a 4.2 Mark X/429G now. Will fit your XJ but might require a bit of tweaking to clear the bonnet at the front carb. IMHO.

Thanks for the quick response. Yes, I have a XJC. I just recently purchased Triple SU from a 1964 e-type that need rebuilt and I need a manifold.

Fit should not be an issue for a saloon. Won’t fit an E-type.

Other issue: correct me if I am wrong, but E-type SU’s are not the same as saloon SU’s. E-type is manual choke, saloons tend to have an auxiliary starting carburetor? I think you can see the piping for that in the photo.


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Maybe just block those two lines off, and use the E-Type manual choke?

Always double check before you close the hood the first time. Up bumps are embarrassing