Interest for sleek front bumpers with no overriders?

Hi and a happy new year everyone! It must be better in many ways …
I have lusted for front bumpers with no overriders for quite some time. I love the sleek look of HP 9600 and the xkss front! I spoke with one company who might be interested to make such option if its not only me so this is a sort of informal market survey. I dont park my E in cramped parking spaces and dont think I need overriders. Anyone else who think this is a good idea or maybe knows about anyone who makes already? Thor

And here is 9600 9600-hp--oldest-e-type_4_uj_large

It is definitely a much cleaner look!

Other than hiding some seams, is there any real function to the bumpers on an E-Type?

Since they attach to the bonnet, and not to any frame member, the only purpose is to inflict more damage in an accident.

Efficient transfer of collision energy to expensive bodywork.

With or without, the body’s gonna get whanged.

At least the bumpers provide a modicum of protection from small contacts/impacts.

I can say definitively that when we sold our E-Type “all” we heard was : " Where the heck are the front bumpers?" Both as a ploy to reduce the money offer and because any deviation from original is a risk to those buying as an “investment” (as though a classic car can be seriously thought of as an 'investment!). I’m not joking or exaggerating - hardly a single soul missed a chance to run the car down for its lack of bumpers. All of them missed the fact that I modified the rears also. I guess their expertise had it’s limits…

I liked the flow over the rear without the overriders. Removing them required welding, etc. I like the proportions better with what is effectively a shorter front end.

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Ty for your oponions. This is just a swop of the originals that will be on the shelf and if anyone with a normal bumper wants to hit an E I dont think the overriders will scare them away!
I was thinking of same bumpers so its just the inner tip rounded in fact.

Actually the pure design got flawed quite early due to safety/practical issues it seems…

Would a bumper guard delete require anything more that a chrome shop welding up the holes before replating. I don’t know as I do not have an S1 handy - but that would seem much simpler, cheaper and routine that commissioning a new bumper.

The bumper guard attaches to the bumper blade by a single bolt. so that could easily be fill welded and smoothed. But on a Series I there is a chrome piece on the mouth side of the bumper guard that is attached to the side of the guard by two bolts (parts #6 in the below illustration. You can see the two holes illustrated on part #3. Without the guards there is no way to attach those pieces, and since those pieces also carry the motif bar, no way to mount that bar. I guess one could have those pieces welded to the end of the bumper blade, but I suspect some it would require adding and shaping some additional metal.

Screenshot 2021-01-12 125827

For the rear I made a cap for the inner end and welded it on. Otherwise there is an unsightly open, unfinished end. Then I made a finished bolt for the over rider bolt hole. Sent the works out to Brillion, Wisconsin and had a Harley shop chrome the stuff. You don’t do crappy chrome for Harley guys or they make you pay.

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Hello, yes I know its possible to make a bespoke rounded tip that must be welded and grined before rechroming. It will be quite a job to make it look good. I thought there would be quite a few that might fancy a lean bumper solution if it was “off the shelf”. I just love those on 9600HP in the top pic.

It’s a simple re-do of the original bumper and motif bar holder. Weld the two together, a bit of grinding and re-plating, and you’re bolting it back on. The boss did his 40+ years ago and we’ve done over a dozen since for customers that liked the look. Lately everyone wants original, so we’ve done less. If you go to XKEdata and look at 1E77382, you’ll see one we did 30+ years ago for someone. (I owned that car twice. Once before and after it was re-done.) The LeMans lights were for a different race look.


@brueland I think that is a great idea, especially for a S2. Keep me informed if you have enough interest.

I prefer the appearance without over-riders, but I think this is better handled on a one-off basis for people who like the look, rather than some sort of low-production aftermarket part.

That way, the person doing the welding/fabbing can at least make sure the bumper fits the car before sending it off to the chrome shop.

The quality of aftermarket bumper fit isn’t exactly a strong suit on E-types, so you’d have some pretty annoyed customers if they paid a low-production premium for ‘smoothie’ bumpers, only to find out they didn’t fit their particular car very well.

I did this on my 62…looks great…fairly simple to have the two parts welded and then fit…requires some grinding as said. the fit to the motif bar is a bit tricky…I made my overriders so that they can be attached from below with C hook /rod for shows if needed…no one can tell the difference and they stay in place just fine…

Ty all for good comments. I think I will just look for a pair of scruffy bumpers and work my way from there then as a no rush project. Just another thing on the list!


Well, as we all know that every (original) XK-SS was born as a D-type, your example shows that the original pure design of the D-type was cluttered with:

A) bumpers, front and back
B) an exhaust silencer
C) full width windscreen
D) a luggage rack in the rear
E) directional indicators
F) a hood (convertible top)

Even if the fabric hood (top) is not exactly practical as once you have it up, you can no longer open the doors. :laughing:

And it’s very claustrofobic if you have the hood (top) up.

Still I would not say no to an XK-SS or even a replica if it’s really well done! :smiley:


Hi, yes indeed for the XKSS this is true. I was thinking about the S1 design that many find so pure. It probably would have had the XKSS bumpers if the designers Lyons/Sawyer had ruled out practicality, lust like the 275 GT did.