Interesting "original" series 1.5

or to the winged spinners, toggle switches, door handles, rear view mirror indicate a 1.25?

The “Series 1.25” moniker is a JCNA concept introduced in their Series 1 judging guide. It specifically references open headlight variant cars produced from mid-January, 1967 to the end of the model year to differentiate them from the so-called “true” Series 1.5s produced for the 1968 model year with all the mandated Federalized changes. Many refer to all open headlight variant Series 1s - which incidentally include the 1968 models - as Series 1.5, taking as the deflection point the deletion of the headlight covers. Jaguar itself doesn’t recognise the Series 1.25 designation and didn’t recognise the “1.5” either until only recently.