Interior trim hardware

Looking for specific hardware that holds side trim (along headliner) to body. Car is an 88, but I’ve converted passive seatbelts to three point, and am fitting 1987 trim.
Metal fastener that slides into trim, and plastic receiver that pops into body.

Thank you!

Can I use generic from store?

I’m sure someone will chime in who knows where to find. I tried to find something generic that I could find local but nothing the right size. Seemed jaguar specific so I had ordered online. (For the door cards)

Clip is BD13102, not made anymore.

If in the USA, then is a good place for pre owned parts. usually has a decent supply of odd clips. I know I’ve purchased the door card clips from

First off, the year and configuration of your XJ-S will be helpful to nail down exactly what you’re looking for. The part numbers I’m listing are for a 1982-1987 XJ-S Coupe
I think the part number for the parts your looking for are call Bullon pronged (weird name - sounds like two adjectives waiting for a noun).
Bullon Pronged (clip? - just filling in the blank)
Part numbers BD13102
Socket retainer (I think that is the other part in your picture. It’s the Socket retainer for the clip. Part number BD47802 - the Socket retainer. for the Bullon Pronged…

check out

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Thanks Mark!

Ordered new retainers for $0.43 each at SNG, and used clips for $1 each at everydayxj.


I have ordered a replacement fibreglass headliner from UK together with side and rear quarters and generic plastic fasteners where included that fit into existing receivers. I think I reused original metal fasteners and should have plastic ones somewhere… I’ll try to find them and post a picture for future reference