Interior trim warping near rear window

Okay, here’s my problem; the interior liner - that part that comes down between the rear side window (right side) and the rear window has developed a warp and is away from the body. As a temporary measure I have a tension bar spanning just behind the top of the seat to hopefully push it back into place.
However, I noticed it now doesn’t quite reach the black trim piece that would hold it in place.
Since this is a foam backed cloth, I’m fairly certain I can’t/shouldn’t glue it in place, so i’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this and how they solved it.

You mean the C-pillar cover?
Some photos would help.

Here you go

IME the warpage is, unfortunately, quite common. If you remove the trim panel perhaps it can be gently re-shaped if a little heat is carefully applied? On reinstallation perhaps it can be shift aft a bit? Perhaps by repositioning the clips?

I dunno. Let’s hear what other say. Personally I’ve never had much luck in such cases but haven’t really devoted lot of time to the effort


Isn’t there a spring clip inside? The metal affair tends to corrode and break, maybe.

I’ll be checking for that.

They warp on S1’s; the base material is a composite masonite-like material (only softer) that rots, bends or breaks. IIRC, on my 71 the pieces were continuous with the cantrails. I believe i replaced the material with thin aluminum. That trim is very narrow on the saloons–quite a bit wider on your coupe’.

Crazy thing is this - along with the head liner - was replaced by the previous owner about 7 years ago.

Just checked; nope no clips.
It looks like the panel relies on the trim piece that it butts under to remain in place.

Don’t now about the coupe but on the SIII saloon it’s a dense foam covered in thick hard vinyl.
The vinyl contracts with time and I had the same problem but with a minor deformation that I managed to fix with a bit of heat and some reinforcements imbedded in the foam…
The absence of clips will make the problem worse of course.
Gluing it in a piece of aluminium, hard plastic or plywood, or making a new piece from scratch, could be a solution, but removing the piece is a pain as the rear seat and parcel shelf have to go out.