Intrigued by this lattice wheel. Rouge edition

Hello all,
I am intrigued by this lattice wheel, seen on a 1990 XJS V12 Rouge Édition.
The “spokes” appear to be flat, as if they have been shaved to make the wheel face look sharper.
On the lattice wheels I have, the spokes are rounded.
Are the Rouge Édition wheels special or only normal Jaguar lattice wheels that have been milled?
Thank you.

They are called “diamond cut” which is a fancy way of saying they were milled flat, painted red, then cleared over the raw aluminum. Sets come up regularly along with XJ40 variant from the Majestic edition cars (darker red although).


Those are the wheels that are on my car, which is not a Rouge car. FWIW my spare is just a plain raw lattice wheel.

Here’s a couple of pics.

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I didn’t realize they’d shaved the peaks off the castings for some versions. Neat observation by OP.


Thank you all.
I really like the sharp edges.
Will probably do that to the 16" lattice I got for my XJC.

If you’re in or close to Chicago, Crown Customs and Coatings can refinish your wheels.
Here’s how mine turned out.


Detroit Wheels (on Ebay) used to do a very nice job, and work out deals where they would give you a “trade in” core $$ for your set if you buy one of their refurbed sets. :+1: Pretty good prices, too. Someone though told me they went out of biz around the start of the Pandemic. :frowning_face: Anyone know for sure whether this is true or not? :confused: