Is there a trick to if (another Teves 111 problem)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to replace the ABS pump unit on my 1994 XJS 4.0 ltr convertible. My latest problem concerns the brown plastic elbow ,which connects the unit to the low pressure hose. I have removed the retaining clip and the elbow can be freely rotated. However no amount of pulling will allow the elbow to be removed.I read an earlier post where the poster tells how he snapped the elbow. I am trying to avoid this, as these parts are no longer available ,On top of this if it were to break off in the housing I do not think that it would be possible to remove the broken piece, So my question is "Does anyone know of a trick to remove the elbow from the housing ? As always Thanks for any advice you might be able to give me …Terry Spoor

We have something quicker than text description since late 90’s. Photos Terry, photos will help :wink:

I believe, if we’re talking about the same part on an AJ16 engine, (plastic pipe connects to this piece which is housed in the intake manifold?) it works like a shark it’s fitting.

There is a plastic sleeve that must be depressed (or pulled?), releasing the plastic elbow. Not easily done.