Is this a mk 7 engine?

The engine number is D4820 . The reason I ask is because I am having difficulty getting a water pump to thermostat housing hose for my mk7. Barratts and SC parts here in the UK keep bringing up hoses with a gentle curve , whereas , my old one has a 90 degree bend , and is about the same diameter as the top hose

Yes, D is a prefix for MkVII

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Thanks for the info Mike

The MK7 has changes in water pump and hoses throughout the years

what year is yours ?

Hi Tony , it’s 1954, Regards Ken

Always check the Spare Parts Catalogue. Early, mid-range and late Mark VII water pumps are quite different, with hoses to match each.

Suppliers in the UK seem only able to to supply two types of hose , which are very similar , and nothing like mine . This car spent most of its life in N.Z , some of the old hoses haveremnants of made in AUS labels on them so they were obviously fitted down under .

Have you tried Worcester Classic Spares? Mk VII specialists.

They are good , but don’t have a visual catalogue , which is not ideal when you have more than one similar part under the one heading . Since their sad loss , they are struggling a bit . Recently I received the wrong set of contacts . Had I been able to see them , I would have known they were the wrong ones .

try and take a pic of the pump (and post it here)

it should also have a part number on it to

otherwise you have to adapt hoses from a kit and the auto parts store, till you get it to fit

If you have the old hose, you may just have to visit the Welsh version of Repco with it in hand and try and find another hose with the same curves in it.
(Are you able to make out the Aus numbers on the old hose?)
alternatively I believe new hoses can be made up to suit; if you have the old hose as a template.

Hi Ken

You probably already have, but try David Manners - they solved all my problems in an instant when I wanted a part which was proving difficult to identify properly - the guy just knew exactly what I wanted and they arrived a couple of days later.

Not running down all the others, but David Manners are wonderful - but I don’t rate their website so you must speak to them.

Hi Bob , yes David Manners website is the worst . But yes it’s worth a phone call .

No , unfortunately can’t make out a name , only AUS . And that’s on a hose that I have already found a replacement for . Think something in my mk 2 hose box might do , at a pinch .