Is this glove box lock in my MKII original?

I just posted a video to you tube about trying to get keys made for my barn find MKII that I recently acquired.

That video can be seen at:

In that video I showed the glove box lock that is came with the car and said I was puzzled by the fact that experts here said there should only be two keys for a MKII, one key that works the ignition switch and the doors, then a second key that should work the trunk lock and the glove box lock.

However when I eventually discovered the original keys inside the glovebox that I “thought” was locked I found that the trunk key does not work the glove box. In fact the key blank type was completely different (one sided key for trunk lock and a two edged key for the glove box lock).

Here is a photo of the glove box lock that I removed from the glove box lid and the keys that I have for the car.

In this picture the lock and the keys I have are shown. The company or brand name on each of the “original” keys is:

Ignition key (blue arrow) - UNION and Wilmot Breeden
Trunk key (yellow arrow) - ILCO
Glove box lock (green arrow) - S.A.F.E. and Torino
Unknown key (red arrow) - AAB

On the back side of the glove box lock itself are the letters S.A.F.E. with the periods after each letter.

Another MKII youtuber told me that my glove box lock is not original. However it fits into a distinct recess in the glove box lid and it is hard for me to imagine someone changing it.

Can anyone else her with a MKII share photos or information about the type of glove box lock that is installed in your car?



I do not believe yours is original.

My 1964 MKII is all original and has a completely different glovebox lock. It is cylindrical in shape and is held in place by a U-shaped bracket and slotted screw.
Its original key is rectangular, and my ignition key is round.

I’ll try and post a picture of them in the next day or so.

I just went out and took some photos of my glovebox lid both with and without the lock assembly installed.

Does this lid look like it was modified?

this supposed to be NOS



Absolutely. They made a square hole from a round one. You’ll never fit an original lock barrel in that opening without it looking obviously modified.

Yes, that’s it.

Disregard what I said above about the U-shaped bracket .

OK, but what holds this into the lid?

3 screws from the inside…

These are wood screws that go into the wood rather than being machine screws that thread into the metal of the lock?

So to open or close the glove box that has this original type of lock, you HAVE to use the key?
If that is the case then to be honest I would have to say that I definitely like this “non-original” type of latch & lock installed in this car better.

The locks are there to keep honest people out :smiling_imp:

the bottom line is>> it’s your car & you can have it looking anyway you like.

Believe my glove box lock is original as are other keys, the key is like the one you tagged as blue saying ignition, square head/Union that fits the glove box. Square head one fits my glovebox.
My ignition is round head but says Union on it for my ignition.
Not sure if this helps.
1960 Mk2

Our October '62 built MK2 has two keys. The oblong key operates the glove box and boot lid locks. The round key operates the ignition switch and door locks. As others have cited, the latch mechanism for the glove box lid is retained by thee chrome wood screws. The key opens the glove box lid.

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