Isn’t it lovely!


Looks great Joey! I’ve just had mine reregistered - so happy with mine as well. Paul.

Gorgeous car lovely photo

Thank you…

Awesome car, Joey! Looking sharp.

ANNNNND Driving it all the time, beach, work, church …
Why not. Its so much more pleasing than my modern cars…

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So jealous. Yours looks gorgeous!

Only got into Jags three years ago, bought all i could afford to restore, an XJS V12 coupe. Love it. I then went to a British car show, checked out the E types, and then saw a row of such beautiful cars i had never seen before - XKs like yours. They are I think more beautiful than E types.

And driving, yes! Since I’ve got my V12 in order, driving it almost daily i can tell has improved the engine performance immensely!

Thank you! Its a wonderful ride…

Very nice!

I see that your MK2 has a sunroof…Do you know if yours is the factory installed version or is it an after market variety? Our MK2 was fitted with a Golde power sunroof. I’ve only seen one other Golde equipped MK2. I would love to know if yours is similar.

Thanks and congratulations!

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Very aftermarket
Like out of a 1972 Lincoln town car
Last owner did it
My wife loves it
Some laugh but it airs out the interior feeling wise