Issues with central locking and fuel cap

I have a 2002 XJ8. Central locking stopped working. Checked fuses, fob battery tried resetting nothing. Went to put fuel in the car but the petrol door will not release. Locked. Any suggestions please before I run out of fuel.

Thank you.

My 2002 car had been sitting idle in the garage for a few months. When I went to put gas in it yesterday the lid wouldn’t open. Looked in operators manual where it mentions unlocking the doors (including the gas access lid) with the key. I first locked the driver’s door, then unlocked. It worked for the lid…who knows why…

Here’s a link to a related discussion…there are several others on that site…search “gas lid”

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IIRC, there’s a lever for manual operation behind the boot liner.

Look behind the fuel flap in the boot. Fairly obvious how to unlock

Have you tried the key in drivers door lock

Hi Andy, Thank you, after fiddling around the Valet Parking switch on the dash did the trick. Swith is a bit usless because you never know if its on or off.

The valet switch did the job thankyou.

Daimler 6 X300. Boot lid refused to open - after panicking, I read your posts which advised giving a squirt of WD-40 into the rear unlocking key hole.
Thank you Gentlemen - now works fine.