Issues with Missing Replies

I’ve been having a recurring problem where I reply specifically to someone’s post and then my response shows up as a generic reply, missing the tag to the other persons post. It just did it again where I hit the “reply” button one of Erica’s posts (the one in her post, not the generic blue button at the bottom of the page). I had then hit the “quote” button to include some of her text in my reply. While composing it showed I was replying to her post and displayed her quote, but after I hit “submit” it showed up in the thread without any of that information.

I’ve tried to immediately edit my post to recapture that data, but it won’t allow going back and adding a reply or quote.

This has happened dozens of times. It seems to happen most when I am using my iPad; I haven’t noticed it when using my Mac.

Hi Jeffrey,

I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds like a bug, I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same? I don’t use an iPad myself, but I do sometimes post from my iPhone, but I’ve never encountered that problem myself.


I’ve had a couple of instances somewhat similar (100% iPad use) but none lately.

Ditto, here: about 99% of what I post is on iFern, and no issues.

Here’s my test reply to Gunnars post, from my iPad.

Thanks Gunnar, and thanks to everyone else chipping in with your experience and test.

It doesn’t happen to me all the time, but does often enough for me to be sure it isn’t operator error on my part. I’ll keep monitoring and chime in again the next time.