It's a small world, ours is - anybody familiar with this RHD Mark IV DHC?

Hello all,

I asked the seller of the car listed below on eBay USA if I could have the “numbers”. Here they are below. The seller does not want to talk on the phone only text. Hmmm… Lets here what you have to say!

617175 was for sale/auction in UK in November 2021 by BONHAMS

Make what you will of your eBay offering…

Hi Roger, It is a scam but I was trying to see who/where it really was. Did you read the response from the “owner” where he can’t hear well so only text him? Would that be because the “seller” does not sound like a person living in the state of Washington? I have run into this before… I call eBay about these listings and sometimes they cancel them and sometimes they don’t. Thanks, Gary

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