Jag-lovers images domain *discourse-cdn.jag-lovers.com certificate expired?

Anyone else having problems seeing some in-line images or is it just me?

I"m getting a notice that the COMODO CA Certificate expires today 11/21/19 making the site (image hosting) un-trusted.

Small fix to overcome or is it just me?

Posting notice images below -which is probably totally ineffectual:

Correct nothing in the image boxes

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I can’t get images from any category on the site. I’ve tried two different computers (Mac and a PC) and my iPad but nothing works.

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Dang! I renewed the certificate, but forgot to also replace it on the Amazon CDN servers. I’ll get on it. Thanks for the heads-up!


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Hah! Thought this would grab some attention :slight_smile:

Thank’s Gunnar!

Oh, yeah. :wink:

The new certificate has been uploaded to Amazon, it might take a few minutes for it to distribute to all their servers. If your browser still has problems, try reloading the page, or even clearing its cache.


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Geez: what are we PAYING you for?


Hmm, see you after time out :slight_smile: