Jag Mark IV DHC LHD 1948 - spare wheel seat

I bought my Mark IV in parts and I don’t know how to install a spare wheel seat.
Any photos / advice on how to attach the spare wheel seat/casing to the body?
I have an element like in the picture and I don’t know how to fit it.

  1. How to install a fuel tank to a car?

    Thank you in advance!

I can’t remember but I think it’s screwed to the two rear cross members.


Yes, that’s correct, two long 1/4-BSF bolts through the front cross member and two long bolts through the rear cross member. I used big flat washers on them inside the tray, lock washers below with the nuts.

Thanks a lot @Peter_Scott, @Rob_Reilly !
As far as I understand, I do not miss any additional elements to properly install. Good to know?

How is the fuel tank fastened?

Hello @Polti
You have a lot of good photos. Do you have any showing mounting spare wheel seat or fuel tank?

Tank sits on four rubber pads and at each side a metal strap over the top of the tank is bolted to the pillars that the pads sit on. The straps are about the same width as the pads and are made of brass.


Here are some photos that may help:

Fixing straps over the tank.

Position of the holding bolts at the rear of the tank (below rear window).

Position of the rubber buffer pads that the tank sits on. These are the 2 rear ones, and there are 2 more at the front as in Peter’s photo.

Rubber buffer pad location and spare wheel position.

New buffer pads (I gluded these down) and used a felt faced cover to sit the tank on.

The tank straps are in 4 pieces - fixed over the tank towards each end, and each long and short section is joined by a fixing bolt once the strap is located over the tank (see above photo).

Again I used felt covering on the sides that are in contact with the tank (I didn’t want to scratch my new paint work !!!).

@goodoldgrandad, @Peter_Scott
Thank you very much for your prompt reaction and information and great photos! They are very helpful. I like your idea of using additional felt pads.
I am a relatively new user of our forum and am constantly impressed with the willingness to help I meet. THANK YOU!

some pictures

Felt may have been the original material but it unfortunately traps moisture against the tank.


Thanks! Good point. So rubber linings seem safer.

Thank you. Each photo helps.

Is this the same fuel tank you presented some time ago in the below photo?

Yes, this is my tank before restoration.

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