Jag MK2 Crank operated Antenna

I am looking for a replacement antenna for my 1963 MK2. The original antenna was a hand crank operated antenna wityh the hand crank located under the dash. The antenna looked similar to a power antenna without the motor. The originl was damaged during the body restoitation.

I would appreciate a lead on where I could purchase a replacement antenna if you don’t have one in great shape.

I am located in Georgia, USA.

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I have a couple of New-in-box power antennae that I’m never going to use.
You can have them both for about $30 to cover the shipping.

Without seeing a picture of your antenna, I stumbled on this Mark IX manual antenna on EBay, I have no idea if it is usable on a Mark 2 though.


That is very interesting. It is different from mine which is a chrome handle crank (like small window crank) mounted under the dash.

This one looks like it mounts directly under the wing and attached to the side panel.

I need to look at my car to see if I could make this work.

Thank you.



Let me get back to the car to see if I can mount an electric antenna. The current setup has the antenna doing a right turn (from vertical to horizonal) which seems like it would make the operation somewhat difficult.

The electric that I have seen are mounted vertically without any bends. I need to see if there is room to mount an electric antenna.

Thank you for your very generous offer.


jaguar mk2 Smiths Radiomobile Aerial Hand Cranked Parts. | eBay

Stephen, I will try the antennas so if you send me your mailing address, I will send you a check to cover the mailing costs. Thank you. Roy

Here it is.
Stephen D’Angelo
1107 Galvez Drive
Pacifica CA 94044

I won’t be able to get to them for a few days unless the weather clears.

We had a break in the storms so I took a chance and dug them out.
They are too big for USPS Priority Flat Rate so I’ll need to use regular post.

It’s been over a week and I have not received the check you promised.
Have you sent it?


That is bad. I mailed it on Jan 25th. I dropped it inside the Post Office in Buckhead as opposed to leaving in my mailbox.

I also dropped off a couple of packages that were delivered on the 29th.

Not sure what happened.

If it doesn’t get there in the next couple of days, I will either send you a replacement check or do a paypal transfer if that works. For Paypal, I would need your email address.

Please email me on Wednesday and let me know if you get the check.

Again, I apologize but not sure how to get around Post Office issues.



Did my check arrive?


No it didn’t.
I’m going to send them to the original poster.
You can try to wrangle one of them from him.

Very disappointing that it didn’t get to you. Do you do Paypal?

I do, but I have not calculated the cost of shipping yet.
I’m still trying to find an appropriate box.