Jag-S-2005 AC blows hot air

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Thus, the part number 4R8318C612FG is the proper item to purchase to repair an inoperable Air conditioner? My Jag’s climate system is backwards- at 61 degrees- the heat engages, blows hot air. Ive never felt the icy air a working cimpressor would priduce. Comments / observations / recommendations appreciated !!!

as not being there to look at it & as a mechanics POV, can you confirm there’s gas in the system & compressor clutch working to engage & also is there a sight glass in the system to check gas flow?

If that part number is the correct one, then sure it will fit.

If you’re not sure, then to get the right part, go to a parts dealer who takes the VIN of your car and uses that to look up the right match. A Jaguar dealer can do this of course, but if you want to save some money you can try internet Jaguar parts dealers like SNG Barratt, Moss, Terry’s Jaguar Parts, or Welsh Enterprises to name some.

Unless you can find someone who has a parts catalog to match part numbers with VIN numbers, it’s going to be hard to take a part number and verify that it fits your car.

There’s also a good chance the problem could be the DCCV as well. The DCCV is the control valve that routes hot water to the left and right heater cores with two valves internally. When it goes bad, then it sticks in the open position and what you get is heat 100% of the time.

Sometimes only one valve gets stuck and you get hot air coming out of one side of the car only.

Also when it goes bad, it can kill the CCM as well because the CCM supplies the power to operate the valve. When the valve is stuck, the CCM can burn itself out trying to close the valves that are stuck open. So unless you know the DCCV is OK, putting a new CCM in may just result in another CCM getting burned out.

Basically, if the A/C lost all its charge or wasn’t working, you would get lukewarm air coming out. If you’re getting hot air the way a heater would output it, it’s likely the DCCV valve and the CCM. Both may need to be replaced.