Jag to Chevy Conversion

Hi all, i’ve recently purchased a 1962 Mk10 and want to put in a small block chev and T350 auto transmission. I’m looking for an Jag to Chev conversion kit (mainly the engine mounts) - i can make up a transmission mount.

I’ve found a kit in the US for the XJ6, however the business is saying the chassis’s are different therefore the XJ6 won’t fit the Mk10??

Has anyone got any advice?
cheers, Stu (Australia)

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Hi Stuart,

Welcome to Jag-lovers! Your question is more relevant for the Lumps category, so I’ve moved it.


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Thanks for that!


Being in the USA, i can only comment on three possible supliers.

1, Sun coast. located in Punt gordo florida.

  1. Jaguar specialties in San jose, California

  2. Joohns cars in ft worth, texas.

if you can fabricate a trans msiion mount, why not fabricate adaper munts. Begin with the chevrolet mopunts and create a pedestal on nt eframe to bolt the Gm mounts to.

I visulize a flat horizontal with a gusset beneth.


@angelw, being a fellow Australite, may be of help.

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You are right Carl I should be able to… in OZ any fabricated pieces need engineering certification as part of the conversion registration. We’ve managed to purchase these (V12 Jag to Chev) so hoping they work or need some modification.

Jaguar V12 to Chevvy? Strsnge, but, would be interesting!

I can not say i have seen all the possible Chevrolet engine mounts. but, I have never seen any that look like these?/ Cast or forged ?



Cast by the look will know more when they arrive… a risk but if they don’t fit I’ll make them up!