Jag XJ6 3.6 auto gearbox

Hello everyone,
Houston : we have a “big problem” on Jag XJ6 3.6 auto gearbox, on reverse all OK but, on D not move.
The gear box had already shown sign of slipping. Oil fluid is clear and on level.
Your suggestion?
Many thanks for your help

I have many of the xj6 automatics from 83, 84, 85, 86. They are in Phoenix

Hi Jacspeed, I have moved the query to the correct forum.
The XJ list you posted to is for the Series 1,2 and 3 XJ6, the 3.6 engine is found in either the later XJS or the XJ40 cars which are different animals.

Jacspeed …

There is a common problem with your ZF 4hp 22 transmission that may be causing this and it"s surprisingly simple to fix.

Look under your car where the shift cable is attached to the transmission shift lever and have someone shift through the gears. If the lever doesn’t move look at the bracket that attaches the cable to the body of the transmission (it’s just before the shift lever) .

The cable housing is bonded to that bracket with rubber and when the bonding falls it allows the cable to slide back and forth through the bracket without actually moving the shift lever. Fingers crossed that’s your problem.

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Thank you, I will do this check. :slight_smile:

Did you do the cable check ?

Hello Grooveman

for now me and my friend, we haven’t seen yet, as soon as we check I’ll let you know if we’ll get away with little money



hello, about auto gearbox 3.6 problems… it’s now in the workshop for repairing serious burnt disc problems and will be expensive to fix :frowning:
Thank you all.

Jacspeed …

Bummer, which it could have been something simpler. But if it’s the 1st rebuild then it has served the car nobly over the past three decades.

I had mine rebuilt about 4 years ago so you and I should be all good for another 30 years :grin:

Make sure they replace the “steels” while they’re in there if it not included in the rebuild kit, It’s not very much more.

yes exactly. Here I have a colony of Jaguars and every now and then a problem pops up…
For example, now on the XJR (X300 model ), I have the light come on on the auto transmission dash with the following protection. I think the defect is electrical because if I turn the ignition key off and then turn it on again, the light is off.

I have read a little pist and could be the pins or a ground wire.

:blush: thank you