Jaguar 2025 Update: The End of the Leaper

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When Jaguar re-launches with an all-electric lineup in 2025, the traditional leaper logo will be gone from all new cars. Instead, the cars will have J A G U A R spelled out on the front and rear.

This according to Gear Patrol. The new lineup of all-EVs will not include a revamped I-Pace after all, and there will be no new electric XJ. The first new model will be a four-door GT car, to be initially presented sometime in 2024.

According to JLR’s chief creative officer Gerry McGovern, the new car will be “the copy of nothing.”

How very Sir William Lyons. We approve.

The good news is that McGovern considers the current Jaguar lineup boring and promises “A complete reimagining.” Well, that’s our take on it. He never used the word “boring” of course, but he did say “The designs of current Jaguars aren’t bad. The strategy was more one of universal appeal and chasing more mainstream premium, which made the cars more normal.”

Normal. That spells B O R I N G to us. We’re glad he agrees.

In other good news, JLR is reportedly investing £2.25 billion ($2.87 billion) in Jaguar’s electric rebirth.

The bad news (you knew this was coming, right?) is that Jaguar is moving upmarket in a big way. There will be only three new models. In addition to the aforementioned GT car, there will be a large SUV (think Bentley Bentayga) and a large sedan.

We’re guessing that the reason they’re not calling the new large sedan the XJ is to completely break with the past. “A complete reimagining,” remember?

Prepare for sticker shock; the new cars will start between £100,000 and £125,000 ($127,000 – $160,000). Deliveries will start in 2025, at the earliest.

In the meantime, you can secure yourself one the last F-Types, if so inclined.


I have zero zeal for anything that Gerry deems boring or otherwise.

The fact that he maintained his Michael Bolton homage as long as he did, and penned the Freelander, makes his styling opinions “questionable” as best.

They’ve now killed the leaper, and the Land Rover oval - well done. :unamused:


It’s ok. This is what Sir William Lions would have wanted anyways,


The squatter

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I love it. At first I thought it was a sphinx.

Maybe I’m just stuck in my ways, but I don’t like the idea of no leaper and instead spelling out Jaguar. In my mind, that seems the opposite of building “unique” cars like they’re talking about.

I agree completely. It makes about as much sense as Ford ditching the Blue Oval or Chevrolet abandoning the Bow Tie. Can you imagine a Mercedes without a three pointed star on or above the grill? The Leper isn’t the problem, generic design and mid-pack performance are the problems, IMHO.


Couldn’t have said it better myself!


Totally agree.

The first XJ has 5 growlers and 2 leapers on the outside but nowhere does it say Jaguar (unless AC is not fitted, then it says Jaguar where the knob would’ve been, and on the engine of course).
If the cars are eccentric or attractive enough people will know what it is, is the point.
But the leaper is an emotional thing - don’t get it…

I just hope it’s both unusual and attractive.
The F is not unattractive.

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Oops, E-Jag on fire in Denver

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Hi, new here but considered the x350 models to be the last traditional Jaguar with true class. I particularly love the XJ6 x350 sport and this is my second as I regret selling my first dark grey one


I’m surprised a renowned professional went along with the decision to abandon the Leaper and only have the name spelled out, as dropping a simple brand symbol, especially one that is so well-recognized, for simple text is generally considered a major design faux pas.

Regarding the overall styling direction, I thought the F-type was a good looking car, more so the original rather than the “skinny slot headlight” facelift, but I can see how the sedans might have been considered indistinct. As far as going all-electric… I guess we’ll see in a few years time whether that pans out. For a niche luxury marque it’s less risky than a volume producer.


The suggestion to secure an F=type is a good one, as they are the last of the line, and the Jaguar brand is dead to the world. Car companies go under, and I won’t name any of the brands, as we know of many.

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Investigators determined that the fire was started in a 2019 Jaguar I-PACE.

It must have been leaking… electrons.


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Watt? Dare I say, that is shocking! What a reVOLTing development. That is not a good thing, when your Jag burns down your ohm!


Self-frying kitty…:heart_eyes: