Jaguar 3 ½ 1948 DHC LHD - missing parts

I am looking for some parts for my Jaguar 3 ½ 1948 DHC LHD.
Is someone able to help?
There is a list of missing parts:

  • window lift - right door
  • two folding side window frames (I have only two and I need four)
  • windshield frame (if I’m right the windshield in saloon version is different)
  • crank out windshield mechanism and handle
  • tool box
  • dashboard ashtray (I have only one)
  • doors for glove compartments (all my wood is in a good condition but I miss both doors)
  • the inner parts of the engine compartment closures (bonet lock/hook)
    Thank you in advance for any support!

And one more thing. I also miss the “Jaguar 3 ½ Liter” badge.

Hi Slawek,

I think Ed Nantes in Australia would be able to help you with that.

I have lots of MKV parts, but not many MKIV.

PM me if you’d like to buy the ”air silencer box” as I have an extra one I purchased many years ago from e-bay UK, it is correct for LHD 3 1/2 Litre MKV and I think MKIV 3 1/2 Litre as well, if you have a ”breather” hole for it on the rocker cover?

I do have a LH side door handle (exterior) for a MKIV DHC and a few other bits.


Hi Pekka,

thank you very much for your response.
I do not need air silencer box nor door handle.
Be so kind and let me know what you mean by “a few other bits”.

Best regards

I have a right hand front door complete with window glass and winding mechanism. But it has no trim or handles. Is that of any use to you.

Just to be sure, are these the door for the drophead coupe?
What do you mean by “trim”?

Dear Slawek,

I regret that the door is from a saloon, and not a drophead coupe. By trim, I meant the interior trim.


Dear David,
thank you, so not for me. Have a nice day!

You may find something on Craigslist (Ashtabula, OH), Auto Parts, Jaguar.

Thanks a lot Robert, I will check.

No Jag parts at all on Craigs list Ashtabula.

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