Jaguar cars are the main reason for this site, and somehow, the Pub part of the Forum

Not too long ago, after getting back into Jaguars (now have 3), and making a contribution to help continue this site, I happened upon the Pub part and it was not about Jaguars at all. Instead, it can be likened to Twitter, Facebook and the rest. To counteract the liberal bilge, we have MeWe, and maybe Parler. We have Klaven and Shapiro to speak for us on conservative issues.
Could we get back to tinkering with our cars, and talk about driving them and enjoying all the things that go with the good life? Like it or not, we are not the ‘average Joe’, and to voice opinions on the affairs of the country will not change anything. I admit to ‘taking the bait’, and have participated in the discussions. I am fairly certain that Joe Biden, or my representatives will read anything written here and I won’t get a call from them. My opinions and insight will not be considered.

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Yes the pub is part of the Jaguar forums and IMHO may it remain so.

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Ronnie still waging war against The Pub?

Oy vey es mir.

You’ve been a rather prolific contributor to many recent threads in the Pub, and now you post THIS???

If there is any one topic that has been thoroughly, and completely, beaten absolutely to death in the Pub over the last year, it is this one. Please just read the many other threads, which make it crystal clear what the site owners position is, and that it is NOT going to change.

This thread is a complete waste of time.

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If this is a complaint, it’s a you thing, not a we thing. You is who can choose to read and write things. We are who can read and write other things as we want.

As to the site owners‘ position:

Anyone who still wants to comment on or complain about the rules should take it to #site-feedback.

May I? I‘ll wait ten minutes. Actually, I‘ll wait five.

Pointing out the obvious is not ranting against the Pub, and there are many places to go to ‘ventilate’ our displeasure about where our country is going. I just wanted to point out how some of our favorite pastimes somehow get ‘muddled’ with the awful things we all have to endure in our public lives. We need quiet spots to relax and unwind and marvel at the things others have imagined and produced for our pleasure. My refuge from the ordinary, daily pressures and politics has always been my hobbies and interests. A quiet place, away from the noise, is what many of us seek.

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So mute the Pub or keep it active and mute individual topics when you see them turning political (which is all too likely given some in this crowd) and all will be good for you.

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This is a really big pub with many different rooms (threads). Everyone is free to choose which rooms (threads) they want to go into on any given day, according to mood or…whatever. Not everyone has the same moods. Nobody is obligated to enter any particular room. It’s all 100% optional and 100% personal decision.

Not all rooms suit all patrons. If a certain room isn’t to your liking then the most logical, fair, and decent course of action is to avoid entering… and leave it for others to enjoy.




Oh, well… yabbut:joy: