Jaguar E-type S2 SWB non OD gearbox rear casing wanted

Description: to repair the gearbox of a friend’s SWB E-type coupe, I’m looking for the rear casing of a non OD S2 Jaguar gearbox (the kind that contains the oil pump, has a single post at the bottom for the mount, and RHS speedo drive). I believe other cars may share the same part (420, 420G, mk10 …)

Location: preferably to be shipped to France (a US address could be arranged for forwarding if necessary)

Contact information:

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still looking… would consider a used (even damaged) complete box if the price is right.

I don’t have what you are looking for, but I am not sure what you mean by “Jaguar S2 SWB”. I s that a Series II XJ6, Series II XJ12, or ?


Thank you for your interest : I meant E-type short wheel base (the S1 had the Moss gearbox - the S3 had a longer wheelbase and a different, longer rear casing) - it may have been clearer in the first text, but there was a change in the classified section and my add got erased somehow.

edit: just found out I can edit the title ! :wink:

well, still looking for that rear casing…

I understand most people still have it attached to the gearbox and rather sell them together, but in case one of you have a spare gathering dust on a shelf…

I believe I have one off of a late EJ box.

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I’d be interested, sent you a PM : please let me know if the part is available when you get a chance (no real rush on my side)

thank you!


Hello Nic,
I’ll dig it out this coming week.

Hello Doug,

thank you! no rush on my side, it’s been waiting for quite some time now, but it’s good to know of a serious lead…

with my sincere salutations,