Jaguar F-Type models

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I wonder if the 6speed is still an option?

I just checked the Jaguar UK site, looks like it’s not. Only two engines for now, the I-4 and the V8. The V6 is gone, and no sign of the new I-6 yet. The manual transmission was only (recently) available in the UK with the V6, so I guess that explains that.

For some strange reason the V6 is still available in the US, but no manual transmission, of course.

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They have a four banger available?

That sounds interesting!

Yeah, they introduced that a while back. 2.0 liter, turbocharged. 296/300 hp, depending on market(ing). Same “Ingenium” engine that you can find in a lot of other JLR products these days. The upcoming JLR I-6 is based on this engine.

The arguably most interesting thing about the Ingenium engines is their Multiair/UniAir electrohydraulic variable valve lift system, originally developed by Fiat.

Note that the I-6 is a hybrid, while the I-4 isn’t, at least not yet.

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That’s tempting! Now, to go find a money tree…:wink: