Jaguar factory clutch bell housing for the manual Getrag 265 5spd transmission

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Jaguar Factory Clutch Bell Housing for the the ever popular V12 Getrag 265- 5-speed manual swap. Original Jaguar part # EAC5310
Re Jaguar, this bell housing fits other getrag 5 spds, but the 265 is the tranny of choice regarding the V12

Regarding the V12 swap, an adapter plate and a conversion ring must be used to match up with the Jaguar V12.

Can be used to swap the 5-speed Getrag manual into your AJ6 or AJ16 or V12 engine equipped xj6-xj12 or the xjs.

Original applications according to Jaguar Classic Parts are :

•XJ6 (2.9, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0) from (V)500001 to (V)667828 •XJS from (V)139052 to (V)179736 (six-cylinder) •XJ6 from (V)667829 to (V)708757

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