Jaguar MK 2 used as police cars in South Africa in the 1960s

Are there records of chassis number/engine number of MK2 3.8L used as police cars in South Africa in the 1960s?

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Some clues to help me! Your old web site under Members Picture Gallery shows a red Mk 2 3.8 with a (SA?)number plate 9AZ 688 posted by a Wim Groenendijks. Does anyone know of this jag owner as it was stated to be an ex police car from Rhodesia? I would like to make contact. Also, Sagers Motors, Salisbury (Harare) may have been the importer in 1964 for British South Africa Police (BSAP). BSAP drove grey MK2 with engine and suspension modifications. Does anyone know of these modifications?
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That is a gorgeous colour!!!

Thanks Paul. Bought last year in Canberra. Previous owner says Imperial Maroon paint applied in Harare, Zimbabwe about 20 years ago. Looks redder in the Australian sunlight. But still a good paint job! Old leather work still good and also done in Harare using leather from the Bata shoe company. Still looking for clues that it was originally a police car in Rhodesia.
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You must be the guy that got the mention at last night’s JDCA meeting in Strathfield? Welcome. Paul.

Thanks Paul. Mike Collett, the JDCA archivist provided me with some useful advice to follow to try and track down the origins of my MK2 Jaguar. I am following up on his advice and have made some useful contacts through the Jaguar Club of South Africa. All the best, Clive.