Jaguar Mk9 Fuel Tanks

Hi - Does anyone know how the filler is sealed to the neck of the tanks on the Mk9. On mine the filler neck is just inserted in the top of the tank and Im sure there should be some sort of seal. If anyone has any photos of their tanks or a part number for the seal (if it exists) that would be great.

There should be a short length of rubber hose . It’s a right job getting them on!
Ken Jenkins supplied mine here in England

Thanks Ken - I assumed that was the case

Part no.7, just a streight piece of hose.

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That’s brilliant - thanks Randall. Really appreciate your help.

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Recently I had the opportunity to take these pictures of an unfortunate Mk9 in the junkyard.
I think the red hose shown may be the hose #7 of interest.

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The tanks sit on a rubber wedge which is about 1/2" thick. Suspect this is installed under the tank once the rubber connection at the top is in place, or is used to shimmy it upwards. Just a coincidence, but I have one or two of these in Toronto Ontario.