Jaguar S-Type 2005 Keyfob Transmitter Chip

Hi All,
I purchased a spare Jaguar Keyfob Transmitter Chip from E-Bay. 4 Button Car Remote Key Fob 433MHz Chip & Blade For Jaguar X Type S Type XJ XJR | eBay
I have had the key programmed, however the keyfob doesn’t want to pair up using the `Switch to position 2, 4 times method
I opened up and have attached the image showing spare chip on left and my existing chip on the right. They are different to the eye, however it may be that the one I purchased is more modern? Can anyone help with this?



A Transponder is the RFID ‘chip’ as part of the KEY. (not the separate transmitter)

The S-Type requires WDS, IDS or SDD to configure the transmitter to the car.

Thanks for the info. So is this a job for a car locksmith?

The ‘Ford-thing’ is if you have 2 originally configured KEYS (not transmitters) then you can add more with the ‘key-in-turn-on-off-second-key-on-off-add-a-key’ method.

The transmitters need PDU, WDS, IDS, SDD etc.