Jaguar vanden plas key

Key lost for 2000 vanden plas. Purchased new keys from Jag dealer. The locksmith said they need to be programmed but he was unable to program them and opined that the 2000 does not have a chip. New keys open doors and when placed in ignition only basic functions work (windows, wipers etc) and will not crank.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thank you

The Jaguar keys from 1998MY onward (North America) need to be configured to the car!!!

There are different keys between 1998/99 and 2000MY onward.
The 2000MY onward(VIN F00035> North American Market that I’m familiar with) uses the megamos 48 RFID ‘rolling-code’ keys.

The earlier cars need a different RFID ‘chip’ but all need to be configured.

Getting the correct key AND getting them configured is required.
PLEASE get more than one key for the car!!!

Great information. Will pursue, thank you very much.