Jaguar X350 XJ 2.7d - 2006 - Problems with the climate compressor (air conditioning)


I own a 2006 Jaguar XJ, x350 series, 2.7 diesel engine, Sovereign.

When I bought the car (2019), the car had 300,000 km driven.

The air conditioning didn’t work, so I changed the climate compressor. Then in 2019 I bought a used compressor. After one season of operation, the air conditioning did not work. I went to the service and found that the compressor coupling (pulley / clutch) broke.

I bought a new “890117 NISSENS” compressor. When replacing the compressor, I also replaced the “dryer filter”. We carried out this repair in 2020. The climate worked throughout the warm season of 2020.

Now in 2021, when it was a warmer day, we turned on the air conditioning, but it didn’t work, meaning no cold air came. I went to the service again, and the mechanic noticed the same problem: the compressor coupling (pulley / clutch) broke again.

What advice can you give me?

I know that when the climate compressor is replaced, a deep cleaning of the entire piping system must be done. But I did not find anyone in Romania, willing to do such a work for me. I was told that I needed to take the whole board down for such a work, so I gave up thinking.

Even now, in my situation, I would like to avoid such a work of cleaning all the pipes in the air conditioning system. I know that it is a work that requires a lot of time and a lot of money, and this work exceeds my budget and the value and importance of the car. However, I would still like to keep the car for another 2-3 years … but with the air conditioning system, functional.

The mechanic suggested that we repair this compressor purchased in 2020 again … because it is almost brand new. There are all kinds of repair kits. So I’d like to fix it. And he also advised me to try to replace a valve that deals with the transformation of freon into gas. My mechanic also consulted with someone and was told that now, when repairing the compressor, we should also replace this valve, which is usually mounted somewhere in the evaporator area (the air conditioning radiator on board).

So, in addition to the advice I am waiting for from you, please also help me with a diagram of the air conditioning system, a diagram in which to locate this valve as well.

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

If the compressor fails and creates metal debris into the pipes and then you fit a brand new compressor the debris will damage the new compressor. And no warranty.

If there are no debris signs, your fitting an old compressor or and car is low value you can take the risk Not flushing the pipes if you wish.

Again a new dryer is to protect a new compressor or if the pipes have been disconnected over winter

Maybe widen your search to general air conditioning service companies and ask - plead! - if they can help you. Often, they have the necessary equipment, adapters and so on.