Jaguar XF hot or not?

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I was interested to see a comment regarding the XF as not that attractive… and looking too much like a Japanese import. While I must agree that too many cars now days look an awefull lot alike and share too many styling cues…I find it interesting that I get as many if not more positive comments on my 2009 XF than my 85 XJS. So what is it that makes it stand out? The grille? The bonnet lines? The front wing vents? I guess I need to ask people who comment. So what do you think…is the XF hot or not?

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Not too many replies in the past year, Gary. But as one who has a 2009 XF-SC (when the wife lets me drive her car), I believe the lines of the car front, rear, and side — all contribute subtle power and agility. But probably the quartering head-on look when meeting an XF on the road is the best angle. Love my 95 XJS Coupe also. And believe the E type with the top down is the best looking car for days and days - - I have alsways lusted for one but never had one


(Gary Crosby 75 XJ6L, 85 XJ-S, 09 XF Supercharged.) #3


Agreed, the front quarter view is best…the chrome grille and the “power” bulge on hood accentuate the aggressive look.

On the E type…i must be the only one sitting out in the cold. I have heard the E is the “most beatuiful car ever built”…hummm…i never liked the looks of the E type…fixed head worst of all…but they all look like they are bent in the middle. I know i’m stepping on hallowed ground here…but forgive me if i havent seen the light :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No problem from me. To each his own. I just feel fortunate to be able to enjoy Jaguars in the garage; never thought I would see the day. Now I have to have glasses, but wife and I each have a Jag. Life is good

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Oddly enough, I get/got more looks and questions, when driving my Rover, than I did driving Tweety.

Go figger!!!