Jaguar XK8 mistery bottle

OK Guys and Gals I need you help, I create video’s on You Tube under Jagvette1 (my Id) I recently published a video on XK8 sway bar bushes and links ( and in the right wheel arch discovered a ‘bottle’ and have no clue what it is and cannot get a replacement cap for it until I do.

I would very mush appreciate your input and IF you would like to subscribe to my channel that would also be app recited :slight_smile: O

Hi Garry, I have left a comment on youtube but will reiterate here.
I hope you had the weight on the wheels when you fully tightened the sway bar links otherwise the top bushes will wear out in no time.
Second I think that the tank in the wing is the overflow tank for the coolant from the expansion tank.

Not trying to sound stupid, but why would the top bushing on the link wear quickly? Ive always figured that the end link is bolted where it is and the sway bar is bolted pretty much where it is. And either way the upper joint will flex as needed. Or am I missing something? I’m genuinely curious

It’s like all rubber bonded items if they are tightened up and then weight introduced they are operating in a constantly stressed state, if they are tightened once the weight of the vehicle has settled the bush into the standard operating position then the rotational stresses are minimised.

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Ok gotcha. That makes sense