Jaguar XKE Tool Kit

Hi Everyone,

New to the forum. My father was a Jaguar enthusiast and restored a '63 & '64 XKE back in the day. He has since parted ways with both the vehicles. Recently, he gave me one of his tool kits, and I’m not sure what exactly I have or what to do with it. Able to offer any insight?

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Others more versed in E-type toolkits will offer more specific advice, but if the tools are original ones then it’s worth some coin. Check eBay and Bring-A-Trailer to get an idea of values.

If original, it could be four figures (USD.) If it’s all original, the tools and tool roll look extremely clean.


repro etype tool kt.
very nice.

How can you tell? …

Looks real to me even if the pouch be repro. Ping @Roger_Payne. One of our more knowledgeable tool wonks.


I haven’t seen him in quite some time (pre-pandemic), but my neighbor specializes in Jaguar tool kits. Real nice guy and I think he would gladly advise you. Just google Tom Buckus Jaguar in Chambersburg PA, and you should get contact information. He is also a member of our local British sports car club (BRRTA), which may also provide contact information.

Good luck.
Skip (‘68 2+2)

If that is an original tool roll, and you happen to have a child who wants to go to Harvard…!

Lots in the archives on tools rolls. Try the search function. It looks like the XK forum discusses tool rolls all the time.