JDS codes for 1994 XJS

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I have a “check engine” light and found code of PP69 on my trip computer. I have found several sources and all seen to describe different problems and “fixes”. If anyone has a copy of the codes or where I can get a list of codes from PP11 thru PP99 please send them to me are answer this post. Thanks, billwhis1

It’s FF69 probably. If you’re in New England, I have a 90’s Jaguar PDU dealership computer at my shop.



You are right it should be FF69 not PP69. I would like to correct my post but I do not know how to go about it. Sorry, however my understanding of code still exists and I am confused and don’t know how to correct the problem because I don’t know how. Thanks for your help.

Basically the code means your battery is getting old,

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Jaguar issued a TSB when I worked at the dealer years ago.

18-39 DTC 69.pdf (147.2 KB)

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Thanks for you reply, it is the best information I have been able to get.

Thanks davidsxj6. I have received several replies already.