JLM 1928 instrument cluster bulb. Also AC bulb

Hello, re my instrument cluster where the mileage, average fuel consumption, etc has gone dark. Does anyone know of a bulb that is an equivalent…and considerably cheaper? Also where I could get a bulb for my AC temperature panel ?
Thank you

If you go to the Jaguar Classic Parts web site and find the part numbers, you can search for equivalents.

These are some semi-cryptic notes I made for myself with regard to the climate control unit bulbs:

The 2 bulbs on the LHS and the bulb on the RHS are JLM20308 (Black bulb-holder with blue bulb cover).
The 2 bulbs in the LCD panel are JLM11965 (Brown bulb-holder with blue bulb cover).
The 5 bulbs below all those are also JLM20308 except for the middle one which is JLM20309 (Black bulb-holder with a green bulb cover).

I recall, having gone down several web rabbit-holes - I think jaguarforum.com was one - finding a site with LED equivalents but got a bit lost in determining which of the 3 or 4 different depths were needed, plus I failed to bookmark it: sorry! A little persistence will turn it up, I’m sure.

EDIT: D’oh! I see you had the cluster bulb part number but I hope the c/c numbers help.

This was compiled by a J-L regular poster many years ago:

bulbstable copy.pdf (159.1 KB)

Hello. I bought some bulbs from Ebay ( 20x Pure White T4/T4.2 Neo Wedge LED Bulb Cluster Instrument Dashboard Light for 6.19)which I thought would fit. My guy at Car Stereo in Whittier took the instrument panel apart. The old bulbs were in holders and Jorge essentially rebuilt the new LED bulbs inside the old holders. Yay! They (2 of them) worked although I dont think that they want to dim . Now onto the unlit temperature panel!

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