JLR cut up C type?

Reports on line are growing on Facebook that JLR have destroyed one of the Peter Jay C types…probably one of the best C type replicas

Why on earth would they do that? I mean, it’s their own car to do what they like with, but either they wanted to make a point of it, in which case they might have arranged some publicity around the case. Or else they wanted to just do it in secret, in which case it seems even more pointless?

Or is JLR positioning itself for further legal action, where it might reflect badly that they owned a replica themself, in which case it’s pretty clear that the horse left the stable long before the stable fell apart (to coin a phrase)?

File under “baffling”, I think.

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Perhaps Jaguar’s “Continuation” is their motivation for wanting the decks cleared.

If they plan to locate and crush every replica made, that’s quite the task ahead…

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JLR have already put in writing that they will not be “going after” individual amature builders…Its all very odd…especially as one of their own employees that gave evidence at the Magnusson case was questioned about his own “amature” C type build…Steve

Yeah, that witness was clearly not well chosen to support their case…