K&N conical air filters on a XJ6

I got the original air box beautifully powder coated and then, in a bottom drawer of the garage, I stumbled upon a spare conical K&N filter dating from my MGB days. Hmm I thoiught, and what if…

Yes, it fits perfectly to the spacers on the HIF carburetors. I mean perfectly in tne context on 70s British engineering, ie, of course there is a gap between the 2 parts that the stock Jaguar paper gasket would not be able to deal with (same gap with the restored OEM air box…).

The exhaust manifold will be replaced with a set of ceramic coated header, and the mufflers will liklely be deleted (resonators will stay). May be a little more breathing-in will help. But how to get fresh air to these K&N? Hood louvres, wheel well side gills à la Aston Martin?.. The madness never stops does it…?

(I build and race vintage 4 strokes dirt bikes and I know the phenomenal change when we open an airbox and exhaust…)

So I wonder: get another K&N or stick to stock?

My lump has a conical K& N knock off. Not in an optimum location… It beathes hot engine bay air. other lumps enjoy a system designed and made by fellow lumper, Bob loftus tht enables pre radiatr air. Ducting over teh radiator brace, teh latter moded to accept the duct. Looks great, works greeat.


Do you have any photos?

No. not my car that has the “good” version.

Go to old J-l. In lumps search for Marbry or Loftus. Lump forum

sure looks like you will ahave a great car.good work