Kickpanel Installation

I have new kick panels I wish to install. I have a question on how best to bend them. The original piece has embossing on the backer panel that acts as a hinge. see photo 1, while the new part does not and it is very stiff. So I wonder how to form it around the 90 degree corner it must match from the flat area of the bonnet release and then down the footwell kick panel?

Anyone have experience with this issue?


Well I would lay the panel on a table that has a sharp edge. And bend by hand slowly

Scoring a straight line would allow a 90 degree fold but it would need to be done on the side that’s already covered.

I believe it is an error in the build of the new part. It should have been scored and bent before the skin was installed.

If you want to use the new part, I think you should remove the skin and score and form the piece yourself.

You could lay a straight edge on the correct line and score it with a sharp piece of wood. Wouldn’t use a Stanley blade that aluminum might break at the score. .but wood would make a softer score line

Of what material is the new part made? It looks like it may be plastic.

It is a type of cardboard.

To all who responded. Thank you.
I contacted the vendor and it seems that these were made incorrectly and new pieces are being made and sent to me.
Again thank you.

Which vendor?
It’s always nice to post positives about our parts’ suppliers and those who properly respond to/correct an error