Land Rover 100A Alternator

WAI 13697N; brand new on Amazon for $112
The pivot bolt is correct diameter, may require adjustment of the pivot ear to bracket shim thickness to align belt. Comes with a serpentine belt style pulley (17mm shaft); I replaced it with a WAI single groove 67mm pulley (2411001) which is for Delco and Ford alternators- had to cut about .020” off of the hub OD and .050” off of the rear face on the lathe for clearance. Adjuster will require shimming where is attaches to timing cover, because adjuster ear on the alternator is thicker; also will need a longer bolt in that location. Had to also trim the output wire eyelet to clear the plastic terminal divider. Works great, pulley is slightly smaller than the Lucas, so alternator is turning about 50RPM faster at idle.